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Warren Rehab provides physical therapy to senior adults, adults, and student-athletes for a wide range of conditions. We specialize in pain management, fall prevention, and post-operative orthopedic patients.

With two convenient locations in Irmo and West Columbia, Warren Rehab Group offers superior physical therapy services in the greater Columbia, SC area. We treat a wide range of conditions from chronic pain syndromes to post-operative orthopedic conditions. We treat a wide range of people from the adolescent sports injury to the adult chronic pain sufferer to the "Mature Adult" with balance issues, as well as many other issues afflicting our community.
At Warren Rehab you will find a home. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that all people know they are welcome in our clinics. We will also help you navigate insurance issues and seek authorization on your behalf.
We view ourselves as servants to our community, and we look forward to serving you.

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